Escorted Touring

Our USA tours take you from coast to coast, from New York to Los Angeles, Boston to Seattle, Phoenix to Philadelphia and all points in between.




With Insight Vacations, you’ll have access to rare and authentic experiences that are unavailable to the independent traveller as you stay and travel in style. Get to know your destination intimately with our incredible experiences, delicious authentic dining, meaningful interactions, and expert local insights with our custom collection of more than 113 premium escorted journeys.


  • Travel in Style – with relaxed morning starts and customised coaches. Enjoy the comfort of Insight’s luxury, air-conditioned, 40-seat coach with double the standard legroom
  • Stay in Style – at hand-picked hotels in the right location
  • Insight Experiences – connect you with local characters who really bring a destination to life
  • Delicious Authentic Dining – that immerses you in the heart and soul of a destination and its people
  • Seamless stress-free Travel & Passionate Travel Directors – experts at delivering seamless, magical travel experiences
  • Smaller Group Camaraderie – our groups are just the right size
  • Personal radio headsets give you the freedom to wander during visits to famous highlights, without missing any of your Local Expert’s fascinating commentary
  • Hotel and restaurant tips are included – you’ll never have to worry about how much to give, nor search for foreign currency
  • We also include all taxes and porterage charges at hotels. We carry your bags for you and promptly deliver them to your hotel door.
  • Stay connected with friends and family with our complimentary coach and hotel Wi-Fi (where available)
  • From time to time, your Travel Director will surprise you with an Insight Flourish, often a local specialty representing the destination

Top Premium Escorted Journeys-

  1. New England’s Fall Foliage (Summer 2019)
  2. Great Western American Adventure (Summer 2019)
  3. Enchanting Canyonlands (Summer 2019)
  4. Best of California (Summer 2019)
  5. Landscapes of The Canadian Maritimes (Summer 2019)
  6. Boston, Cape Cod & The Islands (Summer 2019)
  7. American Parks Trail End Denver (Summer 2019)
  8. Best of Eastern Canada & Usa (Summer 2019)
  9. Wonders of The American West (Summer 2019)
  10. America The Beautiful (Summer 2019)

Journey Beyond the Ordinary

We invite you to embark on a travel experience unlike any other. Join us as we explore exotic lands and distinctive destinations, in exquisite style and comfort. At Luxury Gold, it’s our pleasure to make your next journey extraordinary. Allow us to share our unparalleled wealth of expertise and insights, accumulated over nearly 100 years as leaders in luxury travel. We put our heart and soul into everything we do, taking care of every detail to ensure your Luxury Gold journey is perfectly planned, personalised, and truly unforgettable.

Seven great reasons to choose Luxury Gold:

  • Your Travelling Concierge – handpicked for every departure. Relax as they take care of every detail, and tailor the trip to your wishes and whims. 
  • Exclusive VIP Experiences – Reserved exclusively for Luxury Gold guests, from meeting remarkable people to accessing iconic sites when not open to the public. Access ‘sold out’ tickets to cultural events, many of which are near-impossible to access as an any independent traveller.
  • Exceptional Dining – When dining becomes an unforgettable experience. When you travel with us, we’ll take you into a whole dazzlingly diverse world of truly memorable ways to dine.
  • Luxury Hotels – carefully chosen to meet your exacting standards, in terms of comfort and style, excellent locations, and impeccable service.
  • Luxury Transport – from luxury coaches o legendary trains, your mode of transport may vary, but an elegant adventure is assured at all times. 
  • Small Group Journeys – explore the world in a small group of like-minded new friends and enjoy more personal service from your Travelling Concierge.
  • Sustainable Travel – Partnering with the TreadRight Foundation, we believe in preserving the places we visit so that remain vibrant for generations to come


  • A personal radio headset gives you the freedom to wander during visits to famous highlights, without missing any of your Local Expert’s fascinating insights and commentaries.
  • At every hotel, you’ll be treated to seamless baggage handling with prompt delivery right to your door.
  • Hotel and restaurant tips are included – you’ll never have to worry about how much to give, nor search for foreign currency. Plus, we include all taxes and porterage charges at hotels.
  • Stay connected with friends and family with our complimentary coach and hotel Wi-Fi.
  • With Luxury Gold flourishes, from time to time, your Travelling Concierge will surprise you with local delicacies, each representing authentic food or beverages unique to the destination.
  • Inclusive Luxury Gold Services include airport transfers on first and last itinerary day.
  • VIP UK Door to Door Transfers (Based on 150-mile radius from one UK Address)

Top 5 Luxurious Escorted Journeys-

  1. Majesty of the Rockies (Summer 2019)
  2. Southern Grace (Summer 2019)
  3. Indulgence in Eastern Canada (Summer 2019)
  4. The Sumptuous Soul of America (Summer 2019)
  5. Luxurious Hawaiian Escape (Summer 2019)

Lasting travel memories don’t have to cost the earth. Our value tours cover all the essentials, while providing you the building blocks to tailor your dream holiday. 

With quality transport, accommodation, city tours and plenty of meals included, you’re then able to tailor your trip with our selection of hand-crafted Optional Experiences – or simply uncover each destination your way. That’s the CostSaver way.


  • Quality 3 & 4 Star hotels 
  • Luxury air-conditioned coach
  • Some meals included 
  • City orientation tours
  • An expert Travel Director as your guide
  • All hotel service charges and tips, baggage handling fees and local taxes
  • Free Time to explore and tailor your own experience with our Optional Experiences

Top Trips-

  1. Rhythms of the South 
  2. Fall Colours of New England 
  3. Panoramic Canadian Rockies 
  4. The Blues Highway from Chicago to New Orleans 
  5. The Big Apple Niagara and Washington DC 
  6. Wonders of the Canadian Rockies 
  7. Essence of Eastern Canada 
  8. Spectacular Canyons and National Parks
  9. Canada from East to West
  10. Landscapes of Eastern Canada and USA

From sipping pink champagne at a French château, to the vastness of the mighty Grand Canyon, to coming face-to-face with some of the world’s most enchanting wild animals on Safari in South Africa; iconic sites and real experiences are just waiting to be discovered with Trafalgar. With 302 trips, across 71 countries and all seven continents there’s sure to be a Trafalgar guided holiday that’s perfect for you. From the iconic to the unexpected, get those ‘pinch me’ moments through a series of Trafalgar highlights and hidden gems others don’t have access to. With all your travel essentials taken care of, you’re free to be inspired, be in the moment, to live the good life.

What’s always included:

  • Hand-picked hotels with their own special stories 
  • Daily breakfast and approx 50% of evening meals 
  • VIP door-to-door transfer in the UK 
  • Luxury air-conditioned coach transportation 
  • All hotel service charges and tips, baggage handling fees and local taxes
  • VIP entry on many trips 
  • Expertly trained Travel Directors and Local Specialists 
  • Hidden gems and local secrets 
  • Free airport transfers on most trips

Top Trips-

  1. Tastes and Sounds of the South 
  2. Autumn Colours 
  3. Iconic Rockies and Western Canada 
  4. Spectacular Canadian Rockies 
  5. Enchanting Canadian Maritimes 
  6. Scenic Parks Explorer
  7. Canadas Rockies 
  8. Best of Eastern Canada End Toronto 
  9. Coastal California with Yosemite National Park 
  10. Wild West Cowboys and Buffalos – End Rapid City