Your flight details are provided on your booking confirmation and will include the airlines unique reference.

This reference is required to complete your online check in, which we ask you to do directly on the airlines website prior to travel.

Some airlines will allow you to request specific meals and seats, however please note that these requests cannot be guaranteed by us and are at the discretion of the airline. 

Occasionally airlines will make changes to their flight times and routes, where we are notified travelplanners will inform customers as quickly as possible, however there are occasions where we are not notified and consequently it is very important that passengers reconfirm flights 24 hours prior to departure.

Once you have checked in with the airline, they may contact you directly to notify you of any last minute changes or cancellations. The airline are responsible to put you on the next alternative flight if there is a significant delay, the airline will provide you with food and drink (often provided in the form of vouchers). If your flight is rescheduled for the next day, the airline will also provide overnight accommodation. If this is not possible customers must call us on 442084188202 for further advice.

If your flight includes internal flights that you decide that you do not wish to use, you must contact the airline in advance. Not using the flights in the correct sequence will result in the subsequent flights being cancelled and will not be refunded.

Transatlantic flights will generally include one piece of luggage which is indicated on your confirmation as 1PC. Internal domestic flights do not include luggage and will show 0PC. You will need to pay for your luggage allowance directly with the airline.