Group Seats

To help ensure that our customers get the best prices over a large range of popular departure dates to the USA, we pre-book a number of flight seats on a group basis. The key benefits to customers are:

  • Lower prices flight seats
  • The opportunity to book popular departure dates that are often sold out
  • Keeps prices low particularly during school holidays

Unless otherwise stated, all of the bookings we confirm to Orlando in Florida will be part of one of our ad-hoc groups.

Please note that as part of our commercial terms with our airline suppliers, the tickets for every customers travelling in the group can only be issued at them same time once we have passed all of the customer name to the airline approximately 21 days before departure.

Consequently customers wishing to take advantage of our Group Seats should be aware that we cannot issue tickets prior to 21 days before departure and therefore special flight seat requests will not be able before ticket issue.

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