Top Tips on how to pack your cabin baggage for comfortable/luxury travel on a long-haul flight

If you are heading off on your next USA or Caribbean holiday soon make sure you make the most of your long haul flight by following our simple steps ensuring you arrive rested and ready to enjoy your holiday. 

Try and avoid overstuffing your cabin luggage with different items. Instead, separate your essentials into smaller packs e.g. toiletries in one pack, with electrical items such as cords and headphones in another.  
Bringing snacks on board is always a good idea, especially for a long-haul flight. Try and stick to snacks that have a good source of protein to help fill you up faster. Go for smaller and more portable snacks like dried fruit and nuts that aren’t easily crushed when packed amongst other items. 
Long-haul flights aren’t the best thing for your immune system so it’s handy to pack a few items to help prevent sickness. Small items such as hand sanitizer, throat pastilles and vitamin c tablets can go a long way.  
The air on planes can be quite stale, causing the skin to get very dry very quickly. To avoid this, make sure to pack some facial wipes to help cleanse the face mid-flight and some moisturiser to sooth the skin after. Products like lip balm, tooth brush and toothpaste, hand cream and face spritzer can also help you stay fresh throughout your long journey. 
Dehydration from air-travel is very common so it’s essential to make sure you have some extra fluids like water and electrolyte sport drinks packed to keep you hydrated throughout the flight. 
Long-haul flights don’t always guarantee the best selection of in-flight entertainment, so it’s always best to make sure you have some extra options with you to get you through those hours. Tablets and e-books are an efficient and portable way to stay entertained throughout a journey. Make sure your electricals are charged up before setting off, it’s handy to pack an extra charged battery just in case. 

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