Hotel Resort Fees & Charges

Many worldwide hotels charge a resort fee to cover items such as newspaper delivery, in-room safe, the use of a gym etc. They are usually between $15 and $50 per day, can only be paid locally and can be changed by the hotel from time to time – please contact your agent for the latest information if required. These fees are optional at certain hotels and mandatory at others and as not everyone wants to use these facilities. Resort fees are not included in our rates unless we stipulate otherwise. A number of hotels assume that all guests will be happy with the resort fees and will automatically add it to your reservation. 

Please discuss this with hotel staff at check-in to ensure that there are no unwanted additional charges on your bill when checking out. Your hotel is also likely to make a daily charge for both valet and self-parking and this will be payable locally. 

Please note that your hotel will normally require you to give them a credit card when you check in so that you can charge items such as room service, mini bar, phone calls, restaurant meals etc to your room bill. It is standard requirement for the hotel to get a pre-approved credit limit authority for a reasonable amount depending on your length of stay and standard of hotel. While the hotel will not be making any charges to your credit card until you check out, their pre-approved credit authority may reduce the available spending limit on your card. We suggest that you agree the amount of the pre-approval with the hotel staff and if necessary, make arrangements to temporarily increase your card limit before leaving the UK.



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